Wine Styles

Different grapes, yeast and production methods create 3 different styles of wine

Red Wine White Wine Rosé Wine

Red Wine

Red wines are made from black grapes (dark-colored red wine grape varieties).

During fermentation, the juice and the skins are in contact. The skins release both color, tannins and flavors.

The alcohol content of a red wine is between 12% and 15%.

White Wine

White wines are made from white grapes (light-colored white grape varieties).

A few white wines are made from black grapes. The secret is to remove the skins immediately.

White wines get their flavors from the grape juice. Grapes are pressed quickly to drain the juice away from the skins.

The alcohol content of a white wine is between 10% and 14%.

Rosé Wine

Rosé wines get their pink color from a very short contact with the skins (a few hours).

Most rosé wines are made from black grape varieties.

Dessert Wine

Dessert wines are sweet wines with high levels of sugar.

The alcohol content of a dessert wine is between 10% an 16%.

Most Famous:

Ice Wine 10% ABV
Sauternes 14% ABV
Tokaji 14% ABV
Vin Santo 16% ABV