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Tokaji (Hungary)

Tokaji Wine

Tokay, Tokaj, or Tokaji is the name of a famous sweet wine from the Tokaj region in Hungary and Slovakia.

Food Pairing

A Tokaji is an elegant companion to many desserts. As a rule of thumb: make sure that the sweetness of the wine is greater than the sweetness of the dessert:

Crème Caramel.
Fois Gras.


Tokaji is the oldest appelation in the world. It appeared in 1732.

When the grapes are fully ripe, they get affected by a fungus called Botrytis and start to dehydrate.

The humidity of the autumn`s fog and rivers proximity is essential to garantee a slow dehydration.

Some Tokajs are the sweetest wines in the world and they have an aging potential of 200 years.

Tokay Cellar

Around 200 Tokaj cellars exists in the town of Tokaj.