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Levels & Measures

Wine School

Level 1: Basic Knowledge

1. What is Wine?

Learn what wine is.
How is wine made?
What is a wine grape?

2. Wine Styles

Learn about wine styles:
Red wine. White wine. Rosé wine.

3. Wine Types

Learn about wine types:
Still wine. Sparkling wine. Fortified wine.

4. Basic Wine Characteristics

Learn the 5 basic wine characteristics:
Sweetness. Acidity. Tannins. Alcohol. Body.

5. How to Make White Wine

Learn how white wine is made:
Crushing. Pressing. Fermentation. Maturation. Aging.

6. How to Make Red Wine

Learn how red wine is made:
Crushing. Fermentation. Pressing. Maturation. Aging.

7. How to Make Rosé Wine

Learn how rosé wine is made:
Crushing. Maceration. Pressing. Fermentation.

8. How to Make Sparkling Wine

Learn how sparkling wine is made:
Pressing. 1st Fermentation. Blending. 2nd Fermentation. Riddling. Disgorgement. Dosage.

9. Principal Black Grapes

Learn about the most common red wine grapes.
Cabernet Sauvignon. Pinot Noir. Merlot ...

10. Principal White Grapes

Learn about the most common white wine grapes.
Chardonnay. Sauvignon Blanc. Riesling ...

11. Principal Wines

Learn about the most well known wines.
Bordeaux. Burgund. Chablis ...

12. Grape Life Cycle

Learn the life cycle of a grape.
One year in the vineyard.

13. Grape

Learn the grape anatomy.
Skin. Flesh. Seeds. Stem.

14. Climate

Leran about wine growing climates.
Where can wine grapes grow?

15. Sugar in Wine

Learn about sugar levels in wine.
Did you know that extra dry champagne contains 5 times more sugar than normal wine.

16. Tannins in Wine

Learn about tannin levels in wine.

17. Aromas, Flavors, and Colors

Learn about wine aromas, flavors, and colors.

18. Pairing Wine and Food

Learn how to pair wine and food.
What pairs best with white and red?
What is the food and wine chemistry?

19. Serving Temperatures

Learn how to serve wine.

20. How to Store Wine

Learn how to store wine.

Women in Wine

Alcohol can be addictive. Drink in moderation.

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