Women in Wine

Elena Walch (Italy)

Elena Walch

Source: elenawalch.com

The Story of a Success

This story begins with a break from the past.

It's 1985, and the young architect Elena Walch marries a 4th generation winemaker.

She takes charge of the vineyard and the winemaking in rural Alto Adige.

Terroir and quality are the new mantra.

Innovation is scary and comes with pressure and responsability.

Elena Walch is a lady pioneer with faith in her ideas.

The first bottles arrived in the market in the 90ies.

The rest is the story of a success.

She is now a respected "Woman in Wine" in Alto Adige wine region.


Vigna is a officially registered vineyard: the ultimate expression of a great terroir.

Vigna Castel Ringberg is located near the warm waters of Lake Caldaro, Bolzano (Italy).

My favorite Elena Walch wine? Beyond the Clouds, of course!

Why? Easy to match with my favorite food: grilled veggies, pasta, fish, cheeses, white meat.

It is a Grande Cuvée, meaning a blend of different grapes, mostly Chardonnay.


Visiting Elena Walch Estate at Castel Ringberg Vineyard.

Julia Walch (center) showed us around.