Wine Pairing
Italian Antipasti


Pairing Suggestions

A sparkling wine is always a good choice for Antipasti.

Prosecco (Italy)
Sparkling (World)
Lambrusco (Italy)

White Wines

If you choose White, go for something unoaked and fresh.

Lugana (Italy)
Pinot Bianco (Italy)
Soave (Italy)
Grechetto (Italy)

Red Wines

If you choose Red, go for something light and fruity.

Bardolino (Italy)
Cerasuolo di Vittoria (Italy)
Cerasuolo d' Abruzzo (Italy)
Valpolicella (Italy)

Rosé Wines

If you choose Rosé, go for something light.

Chiaretto (Italy)
Provence Rosé (France)
Navarra Rosado (Spain)


Antipasti can consist of a large assortment of different food:

Bread, Smoked Meat, Egg, Cheese, Seafood, and Vegetables.

White Wine Pairs best with:

Toasted Bread. Breadsticks.
Cured Meat. Ham. Prosciutto.
Soft Cheese. Gorgonzola.
Garlic. Green Olives.
Seafood. Sardines. Salmon
Egg Dishes. Vegetables.

Red Wine Pairs best with:

Fresh Bread.
Cured Meat. Salami.
Hard Cheese. Parmigiano.
Garlic. Black Olives.