New Zealand Varieties 2017

Sauvignon Blanc
22 000 hectares
Pinot Noir
5 500
3 000
Pinot Gris
2 500
1 250

New Zealand Wine Regions

New Zealand

Image credit: New Zealand Winegrowers

Marlborogh, South Island (29.000 ha)

The largest wine region in New Zealand
Totally dominated by Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc (23.850 ha)
Pinot Noir (2.750 ha)
Pinot Gris (1.250 ha)
Chardonnay (1.100 ha)

Hawke's Bay, North Island (4.800 ha)

New Zealand's second largest wine region

Chardonnay (1.050 ha)
Sauvignon Blanc (1.000 ha)
Merlot (1000 ha)
Pinot Gris (700 ha)
Syrah (350 ha)
Pinot Noir (250 ha)
Cabernet Sauvignon (200 ha)

Central Otago, South Island (2.000 ha)

Some of New Zealand's very best Pinot Noir wines are produced here

Pinot Noir (1650 ha)

Canterbury, South Island (1.500 ha)

"Canterbury’s stunning Waipara Valley is one of the unsung heroes of the wine industry"

Pinot Noir (450 ha)
Sauvignon Blanc (400 ha)
Riesling (275 ha)
Pinot Gris (200 ha)
Chardonnay (100 ha)

Gisborne, North Island (1.250 ha)

Chardonnay is the dominant variety

Chardonnay (600 ha)
Pinot Gris (300 ha)

Wairarapa, North Island (1.100 ha)

Martinborough Pinot Noir is most famous

Pinot Noir (525 ha)
Sauvignon Blanc (400 ha)

Nelson, South Island (1.050 ha)

Nelson vineyards concentrate on grape varieties suited to cooler conditions

Sauvignon Blanc (625 ha)
Pinot Noir (165 ha)
Pinot Gris (110 ha)
Chardonnay (110 ha)

Auckland, North Island (250 ha)

One of New Zealand's oldest wine regions.
Established in the early 1900s by passionate Croatian, Lebanese and English winemakers.

Chardonnay (70 ha)
Merlot (70 ha)
Syrah (50 ha)
Pinot Gris (35 ha)

Northland, North Island (75 ha)

The northern location close to the sea give Northland an almost subtropical climate.
Humid, Sunny, and Warm.

Chardonnay (20 ha)
Syrah (15 ha)
Pinot Gris (10 ha)
Merlot (5 ha)

Waitaki Valley, South Island (60 ha)

A new wine region (2001).
Complex limestone/greywacke/schist soils have attracted of a handful of passionate producers

Pinot Noir (25 ha)
Pinot Gris (15 ha)
Riesling (10 ha)
Chardonnay (5 ha)

Planting in Hectares

Sauvignon Blanc has had an enormous growth in the 21st century.

Driven by the Marlborough region, the area has expanded from 4.500 hectares in 2003 to 23.000 hectares in 2020 (26.500 hectares in 2022).

New Zealand vineyard area by grape 1990 – 2020:

Sauvignon Blanc Pinot Noir Pinot Gris
Chardonnay Riesling Syrah
Cabernet Merlot Other

A more than 5 times growth of Sauvignon Blanc is evident.

A doubling of Pinot Noir, a tripling of Syrah, and a rapid growth of Pinot Gris is visible.

Riesling and Chardonnay are unchanged, while Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot have declined.

Statistics from New Zealand Winegrowers annual reports.

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