Chardonnay (New Zealand)

Chardonnay became popular in the 1990s and today is the third most widely planted grape in New Zealand.

Chardonnay in New Zealand

New Zealand Chardonnay is known to be fruit-driven with concentrated citrus and tropical fruit, but a wide range of styles are produced in New Zealand, from fruit-driven and unoaked, complex examples with elegance, and a touch of oak.

Cool climate regions like Marlborough produce medium to light bodied wines with citrus and savoury flavours, minerality, and great acidity

These Chardonnays get first prize for French imitations. They often holds good quality, with an elegant balance of citrus, minerals, and tropical fruit.

Warmer climates produce wines with full to medium body, rounder and richer flavours, and softer acidity.

Best Regions: