Agentinian Wine Regions

Argentina is one of the largest wine producing country in the world (number 5 in 2017), and has established a wide reputation for good wine.

The region of Mendoza, in the foothills of the Andes, is the largest wine region in the country, with about 70% of the total production.

Argentina's grape growing areas are divided into three regions that follow the Andes Mountains: the North, the Middle, and the South.


In the North

Very High Altitudes


Very high altitude vineyards (1200 - 3000 meters above sea level).

Salta means very beautiful in the native language.

The highest vineyard in the world is Bodega Colomé at 3000 meters.

Main wine is Torrontés.


Also very high altitude vineyards (1000 – 2200 meters above the sea).

Sandy and desert soil stresses the vines to produce less grape clusters (higher quality).

Main wines are Torrontés and rich and concentrated Syrah

In the Center

The Home of the Popular


High altitudes (500 - 1700 meters).

Mendoza produces wine at both high and low altitudes which creates unique flavors and consistencies.

Main wines are intense Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay.

La Rioja

High altitudes (800 - 1400 meters).

Lots of sun. Little rain. Grapes are often sunburned.

Main wines are Torrontés and Bonarda

San Juan

High altitudes (600 - 1300 meters)

Second largest wine region in Argentina.

It is one of the sunniest areas in the world, but hot days are balanced by cold nights.

Wines are intense and concentrated wines.

Main wines are Viognier, intense Malbec, ripe Syrah, and Bonarda.

In the South

Low Altitudes and Cold Climates


Argentinas newest wine region (1999) is focused on cold climate, high-quality wines.

Altitudes (400 - 500 meters).

The soil is poor, stressing the vines to concentrate the berries.

Main wines are a floral and mineral Malbec and a cold-climate Pinot Noir

Río Negro

Like Neuquén, focused on cold climate, high-quality wines.

Altitudes (400 - 500 meters)

Also has poor soil which increases berry concentration

Main wines are a mineral Sauvignon Blanc, an aromatic Malbec, a good Pinot Noir, and a rich Merlot

Argentinian Grape Varieties 2017

40 000 hectares
29 000
19 000
Criolla Grande
16 000
Cabernet Sauvignon
15 000
13 000
Pedro Ximenez
11 000
8 000
Moscatel Rosado
7 000
6 000

Argentina = New World