Wine Pairing
Chile Rellenos

Chile Relleno

Chile Rellenos are green chili peppers stuffed, battered and fried.

Best Wine Pairing

Sauvignon Blanc (New World)

Stuffed with Cheese

Vermentino (Italy)
Viognier (France)
Riesling Spätlese (Germany)
Gewürztraminer (France)
Rosé (World)

Stuffed with Meat

Gamay (France)
Barbera (Italy)
Lambrusco (Italy)


Cava (Spain)
Prosecco (Italy)
Champagne (France)
Sekt (Germany)


Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect match with green chili peppers because it tastes green pepper and because it has high acidity to break through the fat of the cheese and frying oil.

For this recipe 2 different types of chili peppers are used: Anaheim and Poblano.

Anaheim and Poblano chili peppers have different levels of capsaicin, the irritant component that causes the burning sensation.

Mexican food is an explosion of taste, often quite hot. If the wine is too light, it will disappear behind the food.

Our suggestion is to go for a white wine with mature tropical fruit.

Red tannins can be an enemy to spicy food. Go for fruity reds with round tannins.

Bubbles love fried food.