Wine Pairing
Salsa Verde
Green Sauce

Green Sauce

Salsa Verde (Green Sauce ) is a typical sauce of the Spanish-speaking countries.

Pair with Steak

Malbec (Argentina)
Chianti Classico (Italia)
Syrah (World)
Côtes du Rhône (France)
Cabernet Sauvignon (World)

Pair with Light Dishes

Sauvignon Blanc (World)
Pinot Gris (France)
Riesling Spätlese (Germany)
Gewürztraminer (France)
Syrah Rosé (USA)


Salsa Verde is a "Green Bomb" of aromas: fresh parsley, cilantro, mint, garlic, capers, jalapeno, olive oil and anchovy to add salinity.

But don' t be mistaken: the fresh herbs love a hearthy and powerful red with smooth tannins.

Astringent tannins make this fresh sauce taste too "grassy".

Light reds such Pinot Noir, Cru Beaujolais or Dolcetto will highlight the herb's bitterness.

The green bitterness of Salsa Verde makes full-bodied red wines taste much sweeter.

If you go for Rosé, go for something strong. American Syrah Rosé is typically made with the "Saignée Method", making the wine darker, richer, and bolder, compared to other Rosés.