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Wine Region Rioja


Rioja is a famous wine region in the north-central part of Spain.

The region is best known for the red Rioja Wine.

Rioja is a blend of the indigenous grape of Spain, Tempranillo, along with other fruity additives like Garancha, Mazuelo, and Graciano.

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Wine Region Navarra


Navarra is located north of Rioja.

The wines from Navarra are similar to those of Rioja but less expensive.

Navarra is best known for the dry rosé wine Navarra Rosado.

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Wine Region Aragón


Aragón is located in northeastern Spain between Rioja and Catalunya.

The wines from Aragón are similar to those of Rioja but less expensive.

Aragón is best known for Garnacha and Cariñena.

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Ribera del Duero

Ribera del Duero

Ribera del Duero is a wine region that boasts quality red wines.

The region attracts wine-lovers from around the globe with Tempranillo wines.

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Wine Region Rueda


The Rueda wine region is located in the dry regions of Castilla y Leon.

The vines in this region have to work hard to grow and you can taste this in the White Rueda made mainly from the Verdejo grape.

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Wine Region Toro


Toro is located in the same dry regions as Rueda (Castilla y Leon).

Due to high temperatures, sunshine, and low rainfall the area produces strong, high-alcohol wines.

Tempranillo is the dominant grape. It is locally known as Tinta de Toro.

Some Garnacha is grown for use in Toro Rosado, as well as some Malvasia Blanca and Verdejo for use in white Toro Blanco.

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Wine Region Catalunya


Catalunya is best known for Cava.

Cava is known as the Spanish version of Champagne.

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Wine Region Penedès


Penedès is best known for Cava.

Cava is known as the Spanish version of Champagne.

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Wine Region Galicia


Galicia is a region in north-west Spain.

There are 5 Denominacións de Orixe (DO) in Galicia:

  • Monterrei
  • Rías Baixas
  • Ribeira Sacra
  • Ribeiro
  • Valdeorras

Rias Baixas (lower Rias), close to the border of Portugal, is known to produce the best Albariño in the world. In Portugal the same grape is called Alvarinho.

Ribeira Sacra is best known for dry red wines from the Mencia grape.

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Wine Region Valencia


Valencia is a small wine region located at the sunny east coast of Spain.

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Wine Region Andalusia


Andalucia is best known for Sherry.

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Wine Region Lanzarote

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