Cards of Wine

Wine Pairing


Our Best Wine Pairing Suggestions:

Cortese (Italy)
Sauvignon Blanc

Other Excellent Alternatives:

Champagne (France)
Cava (Spain)
Prosecco (Italy)
Sekt (Germany)


Aioli is a Mediterranean sauce made of Garlic and Olive Oil. The name means "Garlic and Oil" in Catalan and Provençal.

Aioli is often served together with starters like Grilled Vegetables.

Pairing is, of course, dependent on the food served, but Aioli with starters will normally need a sharp and lemony light white wine.

If the Aioli is served with grilled meat, you should go for a pairing desided by the meat. Like Rioja with Roasted Lamb, Chianti with Hamburger, and Red Burgund with Beef Stew.

If the Aioli is made with eggs, you can add some lemon juice to stop the wine killing effects of the egg sauce.

Go Local

Make it a habit to eat and drink local. Expand your skills to understand the passion that wine communicates. Explore the range of possibilities a grape can express trough culture, terroir, and climate.

Travel and Taste.
Practice Makes Perfect.
Variety is the Spice of Life.