Georgian Wine


Decorative Kvevri of Twins Old Cellar Wine house in Napareuli

The Cradle of Wine

in November 2017, south of the Georgian capital Tbilisi, 8000 years old clay jars containing residual wine compounds were found.

The jars had images of grape clusters and men dancing.

This is (so far) the world's earliest evidence of grape wine-making.

Wine Producers

During the Soviet period, Georgia was the biggest wine producer of the the Soviet Union.

After 1985, when Mikhail Gorbachev started an anti-alcohol campaign which raised the price of wine and restrictet the sale, many large georgian wine factories was closed.

After beeing independent in 1991, many small-scale producers have done a fantastic jobb to raise the quality of Georgian wine.

Kevri Vessels

Georgia is known for kevri wines which are fermented in kevris (clay vessels) that are buried underground.

With kevri wines, the winemakers in Georgia are leading a wine making renaissance by doing what they have done for 8000 years.

In 2013, UNESCO added this ancient Georgian winemaking method to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.


Kapistoni Wines produces natural wines in kvevri.
Photo courtesy of Kapistoni Wines.

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