Cards of Wine

Marsanne (France)

Marsanne is the most popular grape in the French Northern Rhône region.


Wines produced from Marsanne are quite rich and can develop a silky, exotic, oily texture.



Citrus. Melon. Pear. Peach. Quince.
Roasted Nuts. Almonds.
White Flowers. Honey.
Spices. Tea. Oily.

Food Pairing

Marsanne is very food friendly. It pairs well with rich seafood, creamy sauces and spicy flavors:

Franch. Asian Cuisine.
Clams. Mussels. Shrimps. Crab. Lobster.
Rich Seafood. Fish Stew. Paella.
Creamy Pasta. Creamy Sauces.
Poultry.Veal. Pork.

Stinky Cheese. Epoisses. Taleggio. Munster.

Serving temperatures:
Unoaked 8-10°C (46-50°F)
Oaked 10-12°C (50-54°F)

About Marsanne

Marsanne and Roussanne are the only white grape varieties allowed in the northern Rhône appellations of Crozes-Hermitage AOC, Hermitage AOC and Saint-Joseph AOC.

Marsanne is vinified both dry and sweet. The Straw Wine technique is common to produce sweet Marsanne. The grapes are dried on straw mats exposed to the sun to concentrate the juice. The grapes tranform into raisins with a high sugar concentration.

Marsanne is often blended with Roussanne to add depth and textures to the wine.

By blending, the grape helps produce rich, deep colored wines with flavors of Pears, Peaches, Melon, Spice, Flowers, and even Roasted Nuts.

Oak aged Marsanne and Roussanne wines are both rich, full bodied and powerful.