Crispy Wines

Wine Glass

What is Crispy?

The word crisp (or crispy) is often used to describe the acidity and dryness of a white or rosé wine.

A crispy wine has a taste sensation similar to a cold glass of lemonade.

Technically, minimum sugar and fruit, combined with high acidity, plays the major role in terms of taste.

Food Pairing

Crispy whites are perfect Summer Aperitifs.

They also pair very well with ocean flavored food, salty food, food with little fat, and food that is low in sweetness:

Simple Shellfish. Mussels. Oysters. Clams.
Plain Fish. Grilled Fish.
Fried Chicken. French Fries.
Green Salads and Vinaigrettes.
Mild Cheeses.

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Crispy wines are best young. They are normally low in alcohol, and not made for aging.

Normally, wine fermentation converts all the sugar in the grapes into alcohol. But crispy wines are often produced using low sugar grapes (grapes from cold areas or early harvested grapes).

The final result is:

Low sugar and low alcohol makes these wines easy drinkable aperitifs.