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Chardonnay Grape

Chardonnay in Europe


Chardonnay was born in France. The most famous on the the light site is Chablis. More floral, milder and rounder, are the editions of Mâcon and Saint-Véran, and more full-bodied are the wines from Mersault and Montrachet.


Italian Chardonnay is typical lean and crisp. Unoaked Chardonnay can be found in Friuli, Trentino and Alto Adige.


Chardonnays from Austria are typically fresh and mineral driven.

New World Chardonnay


USA is the largest wine market in the world, and Chardonnay is the number one selling wine. The best Chardonnays comes from Northern California (Sonoma, Napa, Russian River).


Australian Chardonnays have changed dramatically from rich, full riped, heavy oked versions to less oaked, better balanced, cooler climate versions.


The cool Andes regions produce a mineral-heavy and vegetative Chardonnay.


Chile produces cool climate Chardonnay with apple, pear, and tropical fruit flavors.

New Zealand

New Zealand Chardonnays get first prize for French imitations.