Cards of Wine

Rueda (Spain)

Rueda is a DO wine region (Denominación de Origen) of Spain.

Verdejo is the main grape used in White Rueda.


White Rueda has a crisp acidity, and a lot of character. The profile is much like Sauvignon Blanc with which is sometimes blended:



A fruity touch. Citrussy.
Hint of Herbs. Nutty.
Excellent level of Acidity.

Food Pairing

Rueda is food friendly and pairs well with the same food as Sauvignon Blanc.

In Spain it is paired with the local dishes: Lechazo (Baby Lamb) and Seafood Paella.

Beach Picnic! Oysters. Seafood. Tapas.
Grilled fat Fish. Salmon. Trout. Sardines.
Mixed Salads with sharp vinaigrettes. Greek salad with feta. Aioli.
Asparagus. Capers. Tomatoes. Olives. Raw Onions.

Fresh cheeses. Goat. Pecorino. Feta. Mozzarella.

Serving temperatures:
8-10°C (46-50°F)


Verdejo is the main grape in Rueda (at least 50%). Rueda Superior contains at least 85% Verdejo.