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Riesling in the World


Riesling is the most planted wine grape in Germany. It is used to produce dry, semi-dry and sweet white wines, sparkling wines, and dessert wines.
Regions: Mosel. Pfalz. Rheingau. Reinhessen. Nahe.


Riesling was first planted in France (Alsace) in the 15th century. Rieslings from Alsace are known to display subtle differences from those produced in Germany.
Region: Alsace.


The Riesling production in Austria is quite small, but Austria has a perfect climate and a good reputation for making excellent Rieslings.
Regions: Wachau and Kamptal.


The best Italian Rieslings come from the North.
Regions: Alto-Adige and Trentino.

New World Riesling


USA produces good value Rieslings in many different regions.
Regions: New York, Washington, Oregon, Idahoe, California and Michigan.


With a hot climate, Riesling loses its delicate flavors. Australian riesling is an exception. Some of Australia's best white wines are made by Riesling.
Regions: Clare and Eden.

New Zealand

Most of the Riesling in New Zealand is grown on the South Island where the climate is colder.
Regions: Malborough and Waipara Valley.

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