Riesling (USA)

USA produces good value Rieslings in many different regions.

Riesling in USA

In the nineteenth century German immigrants brought Riesling vines to USA.

New York was one of the earliest producers of US Riesling (1850), soon to be followed by California (1861) and Washington State (1871)

The most significant Riesling quantities are now produced in Washington, New York, and Michigan.

Washington State

Riesling was one of the first grape varieties in Washington State.

Today, Washington is world class wine region, and the largest Riesling region in the USA.

The Columbia Valley has temperatures much like Alsace in France (or Rheingau in Germany), and cool evenings that preserves the acidity essential to Riesling

Washington State is known for producing full-flavored, elegant and incredible balanced Rieslings.

Riesling is also popular in the Pasific Northwest because it pairs well with the cuisine, with a multitude of fresh Seafood, Crab, Shrimps, and Oysters.

Asian cuisines are also popular in the Northwest, and the slight sweetness and crisp acidity Riesling’s pairs very well with spice in Thai food and Curry.

New York - Finger Lake

About 300 miles northwest of New York City lies a beautiful wine region called The Finger Lakes.

A cool climate, the "lake effect" temperature moderation, glacial soils, and sloping topography make this one a perfect Riesling production area.


Michigan is one of the top ten wine-producing states in the United States, and the cool climate is perfect for Riesling.

Rieslings from Michigan are respected in national and international wine circles, often winning awards.


Riesling was officially first planted in California in 1861, known as "Johannisburg Riesling" or "White Riesling".

Today, Riesling is mostly grown in California’s cooler regions: Anderson Valley, Santa Barbara, and Monterey.


Ontario is a cool climate region, and one of the few regions in the New World where Riesling is a signature variety.

With temperatures similar to the central Europe, some of the Riesling vineyards here are now older than 30 years and the quality of grapes improves with every vintage.