Malvasia Secco (Italy)

Malvasia Secco (Dry) is predominantly found in Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Sweet Malvasia is found in Toscana, Lazio, Sicilia, and Sardinia.

Malvasia Istriana

In Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Dry Malvasia is also known as Malvasia Istriana.

The name comes from the Istria peninsula (parts of Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia).

DOC regions are Collio DOC and Isonzo DOC. In the Colli Piacentini region of Emilia it is also used to make the sparkling wine locally named Champagnino ("little champagne").

Malvasia Secco

In Sardinia, Dry Malvasia is best known as Malvasia Secco.

DOC regions are Malvasia di Bosa di Sardegna, Malvasia di Cagliari.

Sweet Malvasia

The Malvasia delle Lipari variety from the volcanic Aeolian Islands of Sicily is a sweet (150 g/l sugar) wine known for its distinctive orange notes.

In Toscana, Malvasia is used to produce Vin Santo.

Sweet Malvasia from Sardinia is known as Malvasia di Bosa and Malvasia di Planargia.

Sweet Malvasia from Lazio is called Malvasia di Grottaferratao.

Malvasia Red Wine

Malvasia Nera is a red wine variety primarily used as a blending grape, because of the color and aromas it can add to a wine (black plum, rich chocolate, and floral aromas). In Puglia it is blended with Negroamaro. In Toscana it can be a blending grape in Chianti.

Malvasia in the World

Malvasia wines are produced in: