Chardonnay (USA)

Chardonnays from USA tend to be more fruity, more buttery, and more oaked than French Chardonnays.

Chardonnay in USA

California is a southerly, hot growing region with plenty of sunshine and little rain. Soils are warm and fertile, derfor is ripening accelerated: it`s not uncommon to harvest grapes in August. It`s even blessed with weather predictability!

Russian River Valley, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties (apples, pears, peaches)
Carneros, Sonoma and Napa Counties (flinty)
Monterey County (citric, lemony)
Santa Maria Valley, Santa Barbara County (pineapple, tropical)
Edna Valley, San Luis Obispo County (apricot, fleshy).

In Washington State is Chardonnay second only to Riesling as the most planted wine grape. The climate is colder than in California and results in bright fruit and tropical flavors both in stainless-steel and oak-aged styles. Winemakers here have a tendency to use french oak barrels and the result is very elegant and very "french".

In Oregon big winemakers from California and Burgundy (France) have invested in new Chardonnay vineyards.

New York State has a similar climate to Rhine region in Germany: the area remains cool due to proximity of 11 deep glacial lakes. This results in a Chardonnay with brisk acidity and clean aromas of apple, pear, white stone fruit and melon.