Cards of Wine

Bordeaux Wine Region



Bordeaux is the most popular wine region in the world.
Located in the district of Nouvelle-Aquitaine in Southwest France.
The river Gironde creates the famous Left Bank and Right Bank where 2 very different blends are produced.

Left Bank: Southwest

Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon is king (blended with Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Carménère, Petit Verdot).
Terroir: rockier, gravel, deposit of limestone.
In the wine world, bad soil means good wine.
The more the roots have to struggle for nutrients, the better the quality.
Rocky soils + hillsides = best drainage: too much water gives a watery berry.
Aging: Yes, please. Best candidates. Tannins become smoothier.
Chateau: Margaux, St.Estephe, St.Julien, Pauillac (Latour, Lafite and Mouton Rothschild). Few chateaux with many hectars (50-80 average).
Flavors young: spices, earth, tobacco.
Flavors aging: leather, smoke, truffle, herbs, cigar box.

Right Bank: Northeast

Grapes: Merlot is king (blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot).
Terroir: less difficult, less gravel, mostly clay + limestone.
Better soil does not mean lack of character.
The wines are smoother, softer tannins with typical Merlot fruity flavor.
Aging: Drink me soon style. But can age.
Chateau: St. Emilion (Cheval Blanc), Pomerol (Petrus). Many small chateaux with few hectars (30 average).
Flavors young: black cherries, red plums, flowers, chocolate, licorice .
Flavors aging: earth, truffle, dark chocolate, tobacco.