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Tinta de Toro (Spain)

Tinta de Toro is one of many synonyms for Tempranillo.

Tinta de Toro is used in the region of Toro, in central Spain.




Raspberry. Blueberry. Red/Black Currant.
Red/Black Cherry. Plum.
Leather. Tobacco.

Food Pairing

Tinta de Toro pairs particularly well with Lamb and Pork dishes.

Spanish Lamb and Pork dishes. Mexican. Indian.
Tapas. Olives. Chorizo. Marinated Mushrooms.
Tomato Based Meatballs. Lasagna. Pizza. Spaghetti.
Chilli con Carne. Tacos. Nachos. Burritos.

Spanish Sheep Cheese. Manchego. Roncal. Pecorino Toscano.

Filet Mignon pairs well with Tinta de Toro because it is lean meat, and Tinta de Toro lacks the heavy tannins that work best with fattier meats.

  Serving temperatures:
  16-18°C (61-64°F)

About Tempanillo (Tinta de Toro)

Tempranillo is a Spanish grape that grows best in the cooler wine areas of Spain.

Wine made with Tempranillo grapes has a flavor of berries with medium acidity. During storing, Tempranillo can develop sweet, spicy, leather, or tobacco flavors.

Tempranillo wines are softer than Bordeax and dryer than Bourgogne wines. Medium acidity and moderate tannins make these wines tasty, easy to like and easy to pair with many types of food.