St. Magdalener (Italy)
Santa Maddalena

St. Magdalener is a red wine from Alto Adige (S├╝dtirol) in Northern Italy.

The St. Magdalener is made from minimum 90% Schiava (Vernatch) grapes.

About St. Magdalener DOC

Santa Maddalena was born in the on the slopes of Santa Maddalena, in the province of Bolzano.

The St. Magdalener DOC is subject to strict regulations:

The wine must be made from minimum 90% Vernatsch (Schiava) grapes.

Maximum 10% grapes from the same cultivation area is permitted.

5% Lagrein and 5% Pinot Noir is a typical combination.

St. Magdalener bottles has an informative label, stating where the wine is produced, which can be Santa Giustina (St. Justina), Leitago (Leitach), San Pietro (St. Peter), Guncina (Guntschna), San Giorgio (St. Geogen), Rencio (Rentsch) or Rena (Sand).

St. Magdalener