Shiraz (Australia)

Shiraz is one of the darkest full-bodied wines in the world.

Australian Shiraz and French Syrah is the same grape.

Australian Shiraz is considered a warm climate Syrah.

Shiraz in Australia

Austalian Syrah, or Shiraz as it is called "down under", can appear as anything from juicy, berry-tasting, soft wines, to powerful, tough and tannin-rich editions. Common to all of them is a lot of taste.

The best ones develop sweet, rich fruits, as well as aromas characterized by smoke, spices, leather and soil as they mature.

Australia is known for producing jammy, heavy Shiraz, but lately we have seen a cool climate evolution, with producers moving towards lighter, more elegant and food friendly wines.

Thus, Syrah is a wine with a lot of taste, but good editions also have nice balance and elegant tones built into all its flavor power.

Cool climate Shiraz is now the new trend in Australia.