Cesanese del Piglio (Italy)

Cesanese is an Italian red wine grape from Lazio.

Cesanese del Piglio DOCG is a red wine made from minimum 90% Cesanese.

About Cesanese del Piglio

Cesanese del Piglio's history dates back to the time of ancient Rome and perhaps also the Etruscans.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the wine tradition was handed down by the monks, thanks to the various monasteries in the area which for centuries was a Papal State.

Cesanese del Piglio is produced in the famous Ciociaria, between the provinces of Rome and Frosinone and in 2006 the Cesanese Wine Route was inaugurated.

Ciociaria (from “ciocia”: leather footwear of shepherds and farmers) is a territory rich in hills and mountains with good sun exposure and a soil rich in limestone.


Cesanese del Piglio is the only red wine from Lazio that has obtained the DOCG recognition (2008).

The Cesanese grape is versatile as it can be vinified dry, semi-sweet, sweet, natural sparkling and sparkling.

Only 3 types of vinifications are allowed in the DOCG, all dry:

Cesanese del Piglio DOCG wine is produced with grapes from two native Lazio vines: the Cesanese d'Affile and the Cesanese Comune.