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Wine Growing Climates


Cold Climate

Cold climate enhance acidity.

Early picked grapes can be sharply acidic, while long growing condition can enhance fruit.

Tannins and color are often low.

Medium Climate

In medium climate areas the ideal grape types are those with a long growing season which can produce a fine sugar and acidity balance.

Slow growing grape types tends to have thick skin with high tannin and color. 

Hot Climate

Hot climate can produce a deep flavor without the bright fruit. The hotter the region the less acidity and brightness.

Hot climate tends to produce sweeter wines.

Overripe and oxidized fruit tends to color white wines towards golden shades of yellow, and red wines towards brown shades.

Definition of cool climate wines

: wines made from grapes grown either:
south of latitude 37.5 degrees south, or north of latitude 37.5 degrees north or
from a property in the Southern or Northern hemisphere which has an average January/July (whichever is applicable) temperature below 19ÂșCelsius, as confirmed by the nearest Bureau of Meterology site, or vineyard site above 800m in altitude.

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