The Art of Serving Cold Wine

3 ways to keep it cool

Ice Bucket + Ice + Water

  1. Fill the bucket with ice
  2. Fill the bucket halfway with water
  3. Drop in the wine bottle
  4. Now you are chilling!

Without water you will not get a good result. The water creates an icy bath and expand the contact surface.

With ice cubes only, there will be a lot of air around the bottle, and it is difficult to push the bottle down.

Geek trick:
Add a cup of salt per gallon of water and dump the ice on the top. The salted water has a lower freezing temperature. The same happens if you add sugar.

Insulated Containers

Wine Coolers or Wine Chillers are made of insulated material.

Their shape fits easily the bottle.

Their function is to keep the wine chilled until the bottle is finished.

They come in different materials: from stainless steel to double-walled glass, plastic and neoprene.

Wine Cooler Sleeves

Wine Cooler Sleeves are iceless wine chillers.

They keep wine cold but can also chill down room-temperature wines.

Wine Cooler Sleeves become handy at pool parties, pic nic, on the beach, or in a boat where an ice bucket might tip over.