Aroma Wheel

Aroma Wheel

The Aroma Wheel

The Aroma Wheel is a tool created by Anne Noble a retired professor, sensory scientist and flavor chemist at UC Davis.

The Aroma Wheel is a tool to put words in the mouth of wine tasters to create a common language to undertstand wine.

The Aroma Wheel provides a visual graphic of categories and components in wine.

Aroma is the olfactory sense, the nose, the inhalation, the wine scent derived from grape variety.

Bouquet is an aroma (scent) produced by secondary or tertiary fermentation (winemaking process).

Primary aromas come from the grape and alcoholic fermentation.Examples: fruit, floral, herbal.

Secondary aromas come from post fermentation winemaking. Examples: oak, yeast (bread), butter (MLF).

Tertiary aromas come from maturation/aging. Examples: oxidation (nuts), fruit development from fresh to jam, spices and forest floor.