Picture by Harvard.Edu

What are Anthocyanins?

From Greek: Anthos (flower) and Kyanous (dark blue).

Anthocyanins or Anthocyans are colour pigments.

Depending on the PH, the colour range is from pink, red, orange, violet, purple, blue to black.

Anthocyans are found in plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Food rich in Anthocyanins are: berries, currants, grapes, red fruit, red apples, tropical fruit, veggies such eggplants and purple cauliflower.

Qualities: scientific studies show benefical effects with antioxidative and antimicrobial effect, improve visual, neurological and cardiovascular health.

Anthocyanins belong to the Flavonoids class and as antioxidants fight the effects of aging and oxidative stress.

Plants produce Anthocyanins as a protective mechanism: resistance to predators (bugs, birds, rodents) or environmental stressor (UV rays, cold temperatures, drought).