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The Vernatch Grape


Vernatch is a red wine grape originally cultivated in the Italian regions of Alto Adige (South Tyrol) and Trentino.

It is known as Trollinger in Germany, Vernatsch in Alto Adige (South Tyrol) and Schiava in other Italian regions.

Vernatch in Italy

In Alto Adige (South Tyrol), Vernatch is a grape in several DOC's (Denominazione di Origine Controllata).

The best known is the Santa Maddalena DOC located east of the city of Bolzano in the South Tyrol/Alto Adige region.

Schiave in Italy

In Italy, the grape is also called Schiava in several DOC's.

The best known are:

Alto Adige / Südtirol Schiava DOC
Minimum 85% Schiava (Grossa and/or Gentile) + OARG
Valdadige / Etschtaler Schiava DOC
Minimum 85% Schiava + OANRG
Trentino Schiava DOC
Minimum 85% Schiava (Gentile, Grigia, and/or Grossa) + OANRG
Trentino Schiava Gentile DOC
Minimum 85% Schiava Gentile + OANRG
Lago di Caldaro / Caldaro / Kalterersee / Kalterer DOC
Minimum 85% Schiava (Gentile, Grigia, and/or Grossa) + OARG

Trollinger in Germany

The most popular Trollinger grapes in Germany are the high yielding Schiava Grossa clone.

The majority of Geman Trollinger growns in the Württemberg region around the town of Stuttgart and in the the Neckar valley.

This is the fifth largest wine region in Germany with nearly a third of all plantings is Trollinger.


As a grape from Italy, Germany, and Austria, Vernatch has many synonyms:

SchiavaSchiava GentileItaly
VernatschSchiava GentileAustria
TrollingerSchiava GentileGermany
St. Magdalener DOCSchiava GentileItaly
EdelvernatschSchiava GentileItaly
KleinvernatschSchiava GentileItaly
Frankenthaler BlauSchiava GentileGermany
Koelner Blau BlauSchiava GentileGermany
GrauvernatschSchiava GrigiaItaly
GrossvernatschSchiava GrossaItaly

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