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Sangiovese Grapes

Sangiovese is the king of Italian red grapes.

Sangiovese Clones

Based on the work of G. Molon in 1906, Sangioves has been divided in two families: the Sangiovese Grosso (big), used for making Brunello di Montalcino, and Chianti wines, and the Sangiovese Piccolo (small), used in the other zones of Tuscany.

But this classification is too simple. There are nearly 100 approved clones of Sangiovese in Italy and the are no indication that the quality can be based on the size of the grapes.


Sangiovese loves the Galestro terroir found in most of Tuscany’s best vineyards.

Galestro was created in a deep sea which is now the Mediterranean. It is a formation of stone, mudstone, sand, and clay (not compact clay), that breaks into little pieces helping open the soil.