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Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc

About Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc was born and raised in Anjou in the Loire Valley in France, where it often is called "Pineau de la Loire".

Like Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc is very versatile, and today it is growing worldwide.

The grape has a high acidity like Sauvignon Blanc, but the wines come in all forms: dry, off-dry, sweet, and sparkling.

Chenin Blanc Styles

Chenin Blanc is a terroir-reflective grape with a rather neutral flavor profile.

Soil (terroir), climate, old vines, and winemaking technices can be much reflected in the wine.

In France, Chenin Blanc produces wines with high acidity, and flavors of Apple and Pear. In warmer climates, Chenin Blanc produces more tropical aromas like Guava and Pinapple.

The high acidity allows Chenin Blanc to produce a variety of wine types.

In Loire, early harvested grapes are used to create the sparkling Crémant de Loire.

Late-harvested Chenin Blanc, infected with noble rot, is used to produce dessert wines with well balanced aromas of Peach, Honey, and Marzipan.

Chenin Blanc in Europe


Loire is the French wine region most closely associated with Chenin Blanc.

Chenin Blanc in the New World

South Africa

South Africa accounts for about 50% of the plantings of Chenin Blanc.

Chenin Blanc is also commonly found in USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

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