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Tom Kha Goong Soup

Tom Kha Goong

Our Best Pairing Suggestions:

Grenache Blanc (France)
Riesling (Germany)
Pinot Gris (France)

Other Excellent Alternatives:

Moscato d`Asti (Italy)
Cava Rosé (Spain)
Crémant Rosé (France)


Tom Kha Goong (Thai Coconut Soup with Shrimps) is a spicy dish with a lot of flavours and spices. Finding a perfect pair can be a challenge.

Grenache Blanc is an exciting suggestion, because of similar flavour profiles in both food and wine (lime and lemon).

Anyway, the wine should be unoaked and slightly chilled.

Moscato d’Asti is fruit-forward and ripe. It has enough sweetness to soothe the palate after a round of spicy Tom Yum. It also pairs well with seafood.

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