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Italian Caponata


Sicilian Caponata is a tasty vegan dish based on eggplant.

Pairing Suggestions

Sicilian Reds and Rosé

Etna Rosso (Italy)
Nero d'Avola (Italy)
Cerasuolo di Vittoria (Italy)
Frappato (Italy)
Sicilian Rosé (Italy)

Sicilian Whites

Grillo (Italy)
Etna Bianco (Italy)


Metodo Classico (Italy)
Champagne (France)


Sicily, the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is the home of Caponata.

The main ingredients are local, sun-ripened vegetables such eggplant, tomatoes, onions, celery, olives and pine nuts.

Eggplant is fried in olive oil creating a dominant taste both sweet and bitter which in Italian is "agrodolce".

The "agrodolce" taste comes also from the use of vinegar and sugar as ingredients.

Caponata and Rosé wines are a gastronomic match made in heaven. They create the perfect balance with the agro-dolce and bitter vegetable taste.

Bubbles are best when Caponata is served as an apetizer. While red wines are magic with Caponata as a main course.

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