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Strip Steak

Strip Steak

A Strip Steak should be pan-seared with only salt, pepper, and olive oil.

Excellent Pairing Alternatives

Bordeaux Left or Right Bank (France)
Super Tuscan (Italy)
Cabernet Sauvignon (World)
Chianti Classico (Italy)
Syrah (World)
Côtes du Rhône North (France)
Nobile di Montepulciano (Italy)
Brunello di Montalcino (Italy)
Ribeira del Duero (Spain)
Zinfandel (USA)
Pinotage (South Africa)
Malbec (Argentina)
Rioja Reserva (Spain)


A juicy Strip Steak requires an elegant wine that can stand up to the bold flavor of the meat. A red wine is needed, but not so big that it overwhelms the meat.

The wine should have enough tannins to melt the fat in the steak, and a good backbone of acidity.

Perfectly blended Bordaux is an enjoyable wine. It pairs well with many dishes, especially Beef.

A round and soft Cabernet Sauvignon is also a good match for this type of meat.

The Strip Steak is a beef cut from the top of the Short Loin.

The Beef consists of a muscle that does little work. This makes the meat very tender.

A beef from both sides of the bone is called a T-bone steak or a Porterhouse steak.

Go Local

Make it a habit to eat and drink local. Expand your skills to understand the passion that wine communicates. Explore the range of possibilities a grape can express through culture, terroir, and climate.

Travel and Taste
Practice Makes Perfect
Variety is the Spice of Life

Food and Wine Pairing

Food and wine pairing is highly dependent on both the taste components in the food and the taste components in the wine.

Alcohol can be addictive. Drink in moderation.

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