Cards of Wine

Cinzano (Italy)


Cinzano is a range of Vermouths created by Giovanni & Carlo Cinzano, master distillers since Casa Cinzano foundation in 1757.

Cinzano Rosso

Cinzano Rosso is a dark amber-red, sweet and full-bodied Vermouth with a delicate aroma of vanilla, black cherry, caramel, and a botanical finish.

Cinzano Rosso is best served chilled, alone, with ice, or with a spash of soda.

Cinzano Bianco

Cinzano Bianco is a light yellow, sweet, and full-bodied Vermouth with a delicate aroma of fruit, white peach, vanilla, cinamon, marjoram, and thyme, with a bittersweet finish.

Cinzano Bianco is extremely versatile. It can be enjoyed both as an apéritif or as an ingredient in a cocktail, and is best served chilled.

Cinzano Extra Dry

Cinzano Extra Dry is a pale yellow-green Vermouth with an awakening herbal aroma of spice, mint, oregano, and a hint of wine notes.

It can be enjoyed straight, or with ice, and is also the perfect base for many dry cocktails.

The Recipe

The recipe is secret, but (more than 30) different spices and herbs are filtered and distilled. The distilled extracts are then mixed with selected Italian wines.