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Coulommiers (France)


Our favorite White pairing is Sancerre.

Our favorite Red pairing is Beaujolais or Pinot Noir.

Other Excellent Wines

Soft Cheeses pair very well with Dry Sparkling Wines:

Soft Cheeses need light-bodied, crisp, dry and uoaked White Wines:

Soft Cheeses need light, dry, and unoaked Red Wines with low tannins:

And some Dessert Wines:

About Coulommiers

Coulommiers is a Cow cheese from Coulommiers in the Seine-et-Marne department of France.

It is a soft cheese much like Camembert, with a white mold on the outside (Penicillium Candidum), and a soft mass inside.

Go Local

Pairing locally is a great way to learn more about wine and cheese.


Alcohol can be addictive. Drink in moderation.

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