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Chaource (France)


Our favorite White pairing is Sancerre.

Our favorite Red pairing is Beaujolais or Pinot Noir.

Other Excellent Wines

Soft Cheeses pair very well with Dry Sparkling Wines:

Soft Cheeses need light-bodied, crisp, dry and uoaked White Wines:

Soft Cheeses need light, dry, and unoaked Red Wines with low tannins:

And some Dessert Wines:

About Chaource

Chaource is a Cow cheese from Chaource in the French Ardenne region.

It is a soft cheese much like Camembert, with a white mold on the outside (Penicillium Candidum rind), and a soft mass inside.

in her 2010 book "Cheese: Exploring Taste and Tradition", Patricia Michelson says: "Chaource has a bitter nutshell-like flavor, with an earthiness reminiscent of the style of the wine here. You should be careful to find the perfect flavor partner, however, because the cheese is also on the salty side."
Source: ISBN 978-1423606512.

Go Local

Pairing locally is a great way to learn more about wine and cheese.


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