Cards of Wine

Isola Bella - Lake Maggiore - (Italy)


Isola Bella (Beautiful Island) is just 5 minutes by motorboat from lakeside town Stresa.

Isola Bella lives up to its name!

But your jaw drops when the white peacock in the botanic garden spreads out its feathers.

Male peacocks fan out their feathers as part of a courtship ritual to attract a female mate.

Another flirty Italian!

Wine Bottle

It´s early June and 26°C (78°F) here in Piedmont.

Hot weather and horny male peacocks make me thirsty.

Aperitivo, please!

I GO LOCAL with this blend og Greco 50%, Arneis 35% and Chardonnay 15%.

The producer is very famous for its Rosé Nebbiolo Il Mimo.

This white wine is fresh, fruity and flowery.

Wine School in the Botanic Garden

How fancy to be able to sip my wine and wander around the garden.

Smelling fruit and flowers and comparing aromas.

Looks like the white peacock is still interested.

Me, I am satisfied sniffing some lemons directly from the plant.

P.S. Go local with tasting Ghemme DOCG and Colline Novaresi DOC.

Remember, this terroir is traditionally used for red wines from Nebbiolo grapes.

But never underestimate its whites and Rosé.