Cards of Wine

French Riviera (Cassis)

french coast line

Coast of Azure, the french Mediterranean coast line, is known for its seafood.

Grilled jumbo shrimps with garlic and Provençal herbs call for local bubbles.

We tested both "white" and rosè champagne.

And the winner is: Rosè!

La vie en Rosè

french riviera

Bubbles are always a good choice.

Match the color.

Seafood calls for rosè.

french riviera

We were in Cassis, near Marseille, in May 2019.

Perfect match: wine, food, weather and company.

Wine tastes better in good company!

Why is rosè champagne the perfect match?

The Pinot Noir grapes, which give the rosè color, have some tannins and structure to stand up to stronger flavors.

In addition, Rosè champagne matches a wider number of dishes. You can´t go wrong!

Sauvignon Blanc loves garlic. It´s my choice nr. 2.